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Extraction of Metals

Properties and Uses of Aluminium.

1) is a strong, malleable metal element.
2) has a low density.
2) is resistant to corrosion.
3) is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
4) can be polished to give a highly reflective surface.

1) Low density and strength make aluminium ideal for
construction of aircraft, lightweight vehicles, and ladders.
An alloy of aluminium called duralumin is often used
instead of pure aluminium because of its improved properties.

2) Easy shaping and corrosion resistance make aluminium
a good material for drink cans and roofing materials.

3) Corrosion resistance and low density leads to its use
for greenhouses and window frames.

4) Good conduction of heat leads to its use
for boilers, cookers and cookware.

5) Good conduction of electricity leads to its use
for overhead power cables hung from pylons
(low density gives it an advantage over copper).

6) High reflectivity makes aluminium ideal for
mirrors, reflectors and heat resistant clothing for fire fighting.

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