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How is Current Induced in a Coil of Wire?

When a magnet is moved towards (or inside) a coil of wire,
a current is induced inside the wire.
This can be shown by connecting the coil
to a very sensitive ammeter called a galvanometer.

Induced Current caused by a Magnet moving towards a Coil of Wire

The size of the induced current can be made bigger by

1. Using a stronger magnet.

2. Moving the magnet at a faster speed.

3. Using more turns of wire on the coil.

These all result in the pointer on the galvanometer
moving further to the right.

The direction of the current can be reversed by

1. Moving the magnet in the opposite direction.

2. Using a magnet facing the opposite way round
(with North becoming South).

These both result in the pointer on the galvanometer
moving to the left.

If the magnet stops moving, even though it may still be
the coil of wire, no current is induced in the wire.

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