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Power Stations

What is Tidal Power?

Generating electricity from moving water
caused by the tide is called tidal p

How does Tidal Power Generate Electricity?

The place where a river flows into the sea is called an estuary.
A dam (called a barrage) is built across the estuary.
The barrage has turbines in it.

When the tide comes in,
water flows through the turbines generating electricity.
The water can be stored behind the barrage and
then released out through the turbines as the tide goes out,
again generating electricity.

The original source of the energy is the
gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun as they pull
the sea backwards and forwards, creating tides.

What are the Advantages of Tidal

1.  It is renewable.

2. It is reliable.
The tide goes in and out twice a day.

3.  It does not cause pollution.

What are the Disadvantages of Tidal

1.  It may not look as nice as the unspoiled river.

2. Boats may not be able to get past the barrage.

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