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Power Stations

What is Wind Power?

Generating electricity from the wind is called wind power.

How does Wind Power Generate Electricity?

Wind power uses wind turbines which
have their own generator built in.
A wind turbine looks like a windmill with three blades.
When the wind blows, the windmill rotates
and the turbine generates electricity.

The original source of the energy
is the Sun which makes the wind blow.

What are the Advantages of Wind

1.  It is renewable.

2.  It does not cause pollution (except noise).

What are the Disadvantages of Wind

1.  It is unreliable. When the wind drops,
the turbine turns more slowly and less electricity is generated.

2.  An individual wind turbine does not generate
very much electricity. You would need
a lot of them to replace one fossil fuel power station.

3.  The natural beauty of an area may be spoiled.

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