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The Periodic Table

Dissolving Hydrogen Chloride Gas - Inverted Funnel.

Hydrogen chloride gas is so soluble that it can dissolve in water
more quickly than it comes from the supply.
The decrease in pressure in the supply tube causes water
to be sucked back up the tube!

The safe method for dissolving any gas of high solubility
is to use an inverted funnel (funnel turned upside down).
The picture below shows how an inverted funnel is used.

Inverted Funnel for dissolving Hydrogen Chloride in Water

As the dissolved gas causes water to be sucked back up the tube,
the large volume of the funnel causes the water level to drop.
When the water level drops below the end of the funnel,
all of the water in the funnel runs back into the container.

Hydrogen chloride dissolves in water to form hydrochloric acid.

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