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The Solar System

The Earth and Time.

How is Time Measured?

Our time is measured according to the Earth's movement.

The Earth spins on its own axis.

Earth Spinning on its Axis

The time taken for one complete turn is called one day.
The side of the Earth which is facing the Sun is in daylight,
on the other side it is night.
One day is divided equally into 24 hours.
Each hour is divided into 60 minutes, each minute into 60 seconds.

In addition to spinning on its own axis, the Earth also orbits the Sun.
The time taken for one complete orbit is called one year.
In this time, the Earth turns on its axis 365·24 times.
There are 365 days in one year.
To account for the extra 0·24,
every four years an extra day is added on to the end of February.
This is called a "leap year".

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