The Alkali Metals - Quiz -

1. The alkali metals are in which group of the periodic table?

a) Group 1

b) Group 2

c) Group 3

d) Group 4


2. Alkali metals are stored under oil because

a) They are lighter than air

b) They are electric

c) They are magnetic

d) They are very reactive


3. As you go down the group, the alkali metals become

a) Brighter

b) Hotter

c) More reactive

d) Less reactive


4. The flame colour for potassium is

a) Red

b) Lilac

c) Purple

d) Pink


5. When sodium reacts with water, two things you would see are

a) Sodium floats and fizzes

b) Sodium sinks and fizzes

c) Sodium sinks and the water turns red

d) Sodium sinks and the water turns yellow


6. Sodium chloride is used as

a) A fuse for dynamite

b) A lining for water tanks

c) A flavouring and food preservative

d) A building material


7. The electrolysis of sodium chloride in water produces

a) Oxygen, chlorine and sulfuric acid

b) Hydrogen, chlorine and sodium hydroxide

c) Carbon dioxide, chlorine and hydrochloric acid

d) Hydrogen, oxygen and bleach


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