Atomic Structure - Quiz -

1. An atom is

a) The nucleus of a cell

b) The smallest piece of an element

c) Just big enough to see with your eye

d) A distant star


2. The nucleus of an atom contains

a) Electrons and molecules

b) Electrons and neutrons

c) Electrons and protons

d) Protons and neutrons


3. An electron has

a) A negative charge

b) A positive charge

c) A big voltage

d) A small resistance


4. All atoms have the same number of

a) Electrons and neutrons

b) Protons and neutrons

c) Neutrons and volts

d) Electrons and protons


5. The atomic number is

a) The number of protons

b) The number of neutrons

c) The number of protons + electrons

d) The number of protons + neutrons


6. Atoms with the same number of protons but
     a different number of neutrons are called

a) Allotropes

b) Polymers

c) Monomers

d) Isotopes


7. The maximum number of electrons in each shell,
      from the inner shell to the outer shell is

a) 8, 8, 8

b) 8, 2, 2

c) 2, 8, 8

d) 2, 2, 2


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