Catalysts and Enzymes - Quiz -

1. A catalyst will make the rate of a reaction

a) decrease

b) increase

c) repel itself

d) attract itself


2. A catalyst

a) Is used up very quickly in a reaction

b) Is used up quite quickly in a reaction

c) Is used up very slowly in a reaction

d) Is not used up in a reaction


3. A catalyst is usually

a) A transition metal

b) A noble gas

c) A halogen

d) A covalent molecule


4. A catalyst

a) Increases the activation energy for a reaction

b) Decreases the activation energy for a reaction

c) Does not change the activation energy for a reaction

d) Has an infinite activation energy


5. An enzyme is a

a) Synthetic foam

b) Green substance

c) Large fish

d) Biological catalyst


6. The enzyme that converts glucose into fructose is called

a) Isomerase

b) Polymerase

c) Sweetase

d) Ethyl ethanoate


7. If an enzyme gets too hot it will

a) Replicate

b) Mutate

c) Turn starch black

d) Denature


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