Covalent Bonding - Quiz -

1. Covalent substances

a) Share electrons

b) Swap electrons

c) Share neutrons

d) Swap protons


2. A compound has a covalent structure if it is made from

a) An alkali metal

b) A metal with one or more non-metals

c) Only metals

d) Only non-metals


3. A covalent compound is called

a) A molecule

b) A metal alloy

c) An alkali

d) An acid


4. How many electrons are there in a single covalent bond?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 4

d) 8


5. Covalent bonds are

a) Very weak

b) Weak

c) Strong

d) Good conductors of electricity


6. Diamond is very hard because it is

a) A giant ionic lattice

b) A giant molecule

c) A transparent crystal

d) A good conductor of electricity


7. Graphite conducts electricity because

a) It is black

b) It is dull

c) It has strong protons between its layers

d) It has free electrons between its layers


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