Elements - Compounds and Mixtures.
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1. An element is a substance

a) With a low boiling point

b) With a low freezing point

c) Made from only one type of atom

d) Made from only one type of electron


2. A compound is a substance that has

a) Two or more elements chemically combined

b) Two or more protons combined

c) A definite shape

d) A definite area


3. A mixture can be separated by

a) Pliers

b) Hammers

c) A chemical technique

d) A physical technique


4. To separate a solid from a liquid you would use

a) A nuclear reactor

b) Filtration

c) Fractional distillation

d) A transformer


5. To separate a mixture of liquids you would use

a) An electric motor

b) A wind turbine

c) A gas turbine

d) Fractional distillation


6. A liquid used for dissolving something is called a

a) Mixture

b) Solvent

c) Compound

d) Solute


7. Crystals can be grown by

a) Cooling a saturated solution

b) Heating a saturated solution

c) Stirring a saturated solution

d) Planting in well watered fertile soil


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