Energy - Fermentation - Alcohol
Quiz -

1. In an exothermic reaction, energy is

a) Taken in

b) Given out

c) Given a positive charge

d) Given a negative charge


2. Breaking chemical bonds is

a) An endothermic process

b) An exothermic process

c) A process without energy

d) A process without heat


3. In an endothermic reaction, the change in energy (delta H) is

a) Negative

b) Positive

c) Zero

d) Infinite


4. Fermentation is an example of anaerobic respiration.
      Anaerobic means

a) With breathing

b) Without breathing

c) With oxygen

d) Without oxygen


5. The word equation for fermentation is

a) Carbon dioxide + glucose > alcohol + water

b) Water + yeast > carbon dioxide + alcohol

c) Yeast + water > carbon dioxide + glucose

d) Yeast + glucose > carbon dioxide + alcohol


6. A mixture of alcohol and water can be separated by

a) Chromatography

b) Thermal decomposition

c) Fractional distillation

d) Filtration


7. Apart from using fermentation, alcohol is manufactured
      on a large scale by

a) The hydration of ethene

b) Boiling banana skins

c) Growing mushrooms

d) Reacting sulfuric acid with limestone


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