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1. The most common metal ores are

a) Metal carbonates like limestone

b) Metal hydroxides like caustic soda

c) Metal sulfates like gypsum

d) Metal oxides like bauxite


2. Iron ore is called

a) Bauxite

b) Haematite

c) Malachite

d) Ferrotite


3. The three raw materials added to the top of the blast furnace are

a) Iron ore, coke and slag

b) Iron ore, gypsum and slag

c) Limestone, coke and slag

d) Iron ore, coke and limestone


4. Aluminium is extracted using

a) Tweezers

b) Carbon

c) Electrolysis

d) Large hammers


5. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion because

a) The surface oxide layer protects it

b) It is below hydrogen in the reactivity series

c) It is expensive

d) It is rare


6. Cryolite is added to aluminium ore

a) To make it go further

b) To reduce the melting point

c) To make it shiny

d) To make it light


7. Copper is purified

a) To make it shiny

b) To make it pink

c) For use as a food additive

d) For use as electrical wiring


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