The Halogens - Quiz -

1. The halogens are in which group of the periodic table?

a) Group 1

b) Group 3

c) Group 5

d) Group 7


2. The colours of chlorine, bromine and iodine in turn are

a) Green, brown and black

b) Green, blue and brown

c) Red, brown and black

d) Red, blue and black


3. At room temperature, the states of chlorine,
      bromine and iodine in turn are

a) Solid, liquid and gas

b) Liquid, gas and solid

c) Gas, solid and liquid

d) Gas, liquid and solid


4. As you go down the group, the halogens become

a) Brighter

b) More magnetic

c) Less magnetic

d) Less reactive


5. Chlorine is used

a) As a pain killer

b) To help divers breathe under water

c) To kill bacteria in water

d) In airships


6. Fluoride is used

a) In toothpaste

b) In power stations

c) In jet engines

d) As an alternative to coffee


7. When hydrogen chloride dissolves in water it makes

a) Popcorn

b) Candyfloss

c) Caramel

d) Hydrochloric acid


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