Reactivity Series - Quiz -

1. Aluminium is

a) Below hydrogen in the reactivity series

b) Above carbon in the reactivity series

c) Above sodium in the reactivity series

d) Below gold in the reactivity series


2. Iron reacts with oxygen

a) To make rust

b) To make hydrogen

c) To make oil

d) To make water


3. Iron reacting with steam produces

a) Iron oxide only

b) Iron oxide + water

c) Iron oxide + hydrogen

d) Iron hydroxide only


4. Magnesium + hydrochloric acid produces

a) No reaction

b) Magnesium hydrate + water

c) Magnesium chloride + hydrogen

d) Magnesium oxide only


5. Copper + hydrochloric acid produces

a) Copper hydroxide + oxygen

b) Copper hydrate only

c) Copper chloride + oxygen

d) No reaction


6. The reaction of iron + copper sulfate is an example of

a) Thermal decomposition

b) Displacement

c) Neutralisation

d) Combustion


7. Reduction can be defined as

a) Gaining weight

b) Losing weight

c) Gaining electrons

d) Losing electrons


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