Solid - Liquid - Gas - Quiz -

1. The temperature at which a solid melts is called its

a) Freezing point

b) Boiling point

c) Thermal point

d) Melting point


2. Condense means

a) Turning from a liquid to a gas

b) Turning from a gas to a liquid

c) Getting bigger

d) Losing weight


3. The particles in a solid are

a) Always free to move

b) Not free to move

c) Always very hot

d) Always very cold


4. The force of attraction between particles in a gas is

a) Quite strong

b) Full of air

c) Really tiny

d) At its strongest in the night


5. A liquid can

a) Have no weight

b) Be compressed

c) Not be compressed

d) Travel faster than light


6. In diffusion particles move from

a) A high concentration to a low concentration

b) A low concentration to a high concentration

c) Left to right

d) Cold to hot


7. A lighter particle will diffuse more quickly
      than a heavier particle

a) Before sunset

b) Before sunrise

c) Always

d) Never


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