The Transition Metals and The Noble Gases
Quiz -

1. Where are the transition metals in the periodic table?

a) In group 0

b) In group 1

c) In group 2

d) In a central block with no group number


2. Transition metals can

a) Insulate houses

b) Form coloured compounds

c) Float in air

d) Create oxygen


3. What is the group number of the noble gases?

a) Group 0

b) Group 1

c) Group 2

d) They are in a central block with no group number


4. The noble gases are unreactive because

a) They react with sodium

b) They have a full outer shell of electrons

c) They have a half outer shell of neutrons

d) They are too thin


5. Helium is used in

a) Dentistry

b) Aircraft fuel

c) Airships

d) Photocopiers


6. Neon is used in

a) Rocket fuel

b) Lasers

c) Electrical conductors

d) Soap


7. Argon is used in

a) Light bulbs

b) Heavy bulbs

c) Fertiliser

d) Fireworks


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