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Current - Voltage - Power.

1. Electricity is

a) A strong power

b) A strong force

c) A flow of electrons

d) A flow of neutrons


2. Current is measured in

a) Amps

b) Volts

c) Watts

d) Grams


3. Which equation connects charge, current and time?

a) A = C + t

b) Q = I x t

c) I = A ÷ t

d) C = Q ÷ A


4. One volt is

a) The amount of time it takes electrons to complete the circuit

b) One Joule of energy given to each Coulomb of charge

c) The amount of power in a generator

d) The amount of electricity needed to
        raise 1g of platinum through 1 metre


5. What type of meter measures voltage?

a) A voltmeter

b) An ammeter

c) A power meter

d) A thermometer


6. Power is measured in

a) Joules

b) Amps per Coulomb

c) Volts per Coulomb

d) Watts


7. The equation which connects power, current and voltage is

a) Power = current x voltage

b) Power = current ÷ voltage

c) Power = energy x voltage

d) Power = energy ÷ voltage


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