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Diode - LDR - Thermistor.

1. Resistance is measured in

a) Amps

b) Joules

c) Ohms

d) Watts


2. As resistance increases

a) Current decreases

b) Current increases

c) Power increases

d) Energy increases


3. A diode

a) Is always painted black

b) Has a high voltage with alternating current

c) Allows current to flow in one direction only

d) Is made from high quality
        low resistance oxygen free copper


4. What do the letters LDR stand for?

a) Light dependant resistor

b) Large diode resistor

c) Luminous dipole ray

d) Luminous dipole radiation


5. As the light intensity increases, the resistance of a LDR

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Becomes infinite

d) Stays the same


6. A thermistor is

a) A hot resistor

b) A warm resistor

c) A very cold resistor

d) A temperature dependant resistor


7. As temperature increases, the resistance of a thermistor

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Becomes zero

d) Stays the same


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