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1. A wire in a changing magnetic field will have

a) Positive energy

b) Positive volts

c) An induced current

d) A negative current


2. A magnet is moving towards a coil of wire and a galvanometer
      shows that current is flowing. The current can be made greater
      in the following three ways.

a) Use more turns of wire, a bigger magnet
        and move the magnet faster

b) Use more turns of wire, a stronger magnet
        and move the magnet faster

c) Use less turns of thinner wire, a stronger magnet
        and move the magnet slower

d) Use the same number of turns of wire, a bigger magnet
        and move the magnet slower


3. A generator

a) Generates useful kinetic energy

b) Generates gravitational potential energy

c) Transfers electrical energy into kinetic energy

d) Transfers kinetic energy into electrical energy


4. A generator produces alternating current.
     If the generator is turned faster, the alternating current

a) Is positive only

b) Is negative only

c) Has a bigger voltage and a bigger frequency

d) Has a bigger amplitude and a lower frequency


5. When a magnet turns inside a coil of wire

a) The wire has an alternating current

b) The wire has a direct current

c) The wire has no current

d) The wire has direct frequency


6. A transformer

a) Always works using direct current

b) Always produces direct current

c) Always works using alternating current

d) Always decreases the voltage


7. A transformer that decreases the voltage

a) Makes direct current like a battery

b) Decreases the current

c) Decreases the power

d) Increases the current


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