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1. Insulators can be charged

a) By plugging them into the mains electricity supply

b) By placing them in a changing magnetic field

c) By friction

d) Never


2. When two insulators rub together,
      what is transferred from one to the other?

a) Protons

b) Neutrons

c) Electrons

d) Volts


3. An insulator can gain a positive charge by

a) Gaining protons

b) Gaining electrons

c) Losing protons

d) Losing electrons


4. A negatively charged object can attract

a) Another negatively charged object

b) An uncharged object

c) Any other object

d) No other object


5. Electrostatic charge can be dangerous when
      putting fuel into an aircraft because

a) Electrostatic fuel will make the aircraft go too fast

b) The aircraft will not be able to stop

c) A spark can cause a fire

d) Electrostatic fuel will not burn properly


6. Electrostatic charge is used to make

a) A photocopier work

b) Light bulbs brighter

c) High power generators

d) Computers safe


7. Pollution from industrial chimneys can be reduced by using

a) More fuel

b) Taller chimneys

c) Red chimneys

d) Electrostatic charge


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