Energy - Potential - Kinetic - Power
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1. What is the equation for gravitational potential energy (GPE)

a) GPE = mass x height

b) GPE = mass x gravity

c) GPE = mass x height x gravity

d) GPE = (mass x height) ÷ gravity


2. What object has elastic potential energy?

a) Plastic

b) Rock

c) A bone

d) A stretched spring


3. An object has kinetic energy when

a) It is moving

b) It is stationary

c) It is big

d) It is very small


4. What is the equation for kinetic energy?

a) Kinetic energy = mass x velocity

b) Kinetic energy = ½ x mass x velocity²

c) Kinetic energy = (mass x velocity)²

d) Kinetic energy = (mass ÷ velocity)²


5. What is the difference between energy and work done?

a) Energy is a force and work done is how hard you push it

b) Energy is a form of heat and work done is a form of labour

c) Energy is the ability to do work and work done
         is how much energy you get back again

d) There is no difference


6. What unit is power measured in?

a) Amps

b) Joules

c) Volts

d) Watts


7. Which equation connects power, energy and time?

a) Power = energy x time

b) Power = energy ÷ time

c) Time = power x energy

d) Power = (energy + time)²


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