Force - Mass - Weight - Gravity
Quiz -

1. What unit is mass measured in?

a) g

b) kg

c) k/g

d) k x g


2. What unit is weight measured in?

a) g

b) kg

c) k/g

d) N


3. Which equation connects mass, weight and gravity?

a) m = w x g

b) w = m x g

c) g = w x m

d) g = (2w + m) x m


4. If an object is not moving, the forces on it are

a) Strong

b) Weak

c) Balanced

d) Infinite


5. If an object is moving with a constant velocity, the forces on it are

a) Increasing

b) Decreasing

c) Balanced

d) Strong


6. An unbalanced force causes

a) Acceleration

b) Positive energy

c) No effect

d) Things to fall over


7. When two objects push or pull against each other,
       the forces they feel

a) Cause them to melt

b) Are equal and opposite

c) Are unbalanced and opposite

d) Are negative and opposite


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