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Conduction - Convection - Radiation.

1. What unit is energy measured in?

a) Amps

b) Joules

c) Volts

d) Watts


2. Conduction of heat only happens in a

a) Gas

b) Liquid

c) Solid

d) Metal


3. Convection of heat only happens in a

a) Gas

b) Liquid

c) Solid

d) Gas or liquid


4. Convection of heat is caused by

a) Density changes as a hot substance expands

b) Stirring a liquid with a motor

c) Using a fan to blow air

d) The force of attraction between particles


5. What type of radiation is heat?

a) Radio wave

b) Infra-red

c) Ultraviolet

d) Nuclear fuel


6. Heat radiation is emitted and absorbed

a) By hot objects only

b) By cold objects only

c) By all objects all the time

d) By shiny objects only


7. Heat is radiated more quickly from a surface that is

a) Shiny

b) Shiny and white

c) Dull

d) Dull and black


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