Heat - Insulation - Efficiency
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1. A material which would be a good insulator is

a) Plastic foam

b) Graphite

c) Calcium

d) Copper


2. How does the fur of animals keep them warm?

a) It is thick and fatty

b) It is fine and dry

c) It traps a layer of air

d) It lets air circulate easily


3. How does double glazing keep a house warmer?

a) It reduces the amount of sound you can hear

b) Thicker glass puts heat back into the house

c) Two layers of glass puts heat back into the house

d) It traps a layer of air


4. What is the equation for percentage energy efficiency?

a) efficiency = useful energy out x total energy in

b) efficiency = useful energy out + total energy in x 100

c) efficiency = total energy in ÷ 100

d) efficiency = (useful energy out ÷ total energy in) x 100


5. When energy is wasted it it usually in the form of

a) Light

b) Sound

c) Heat

d) Electricity


6. What type of energy is contained in food?

a) Plant energy

b) Animal energy

c) Electrical energy

d) Chemical energy


7. What does a filament lamp transfer electrical energy into?

a) Heat

b) Sound

c) Gas and liquid

d) Heat and light


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