Magnets - Quiz -

1. What are magnetic poles called?

a) Peter and Paul

b) East and West

c) North and South

d) Helmholtz and Tesla


2. A magnetic field is

a) One which attracts you strongly

b) One which attracts plants strongly

c) A region around a magnet where
         magnetic materials feel a force

d) A region of space


3. An example of a magnetic element is

a) Iron

b) Copper

c) Purified and drawn oxygen free copper

d) Carbon dioxide


4. Unlike magnetic poles

a) Always attract

b) Always repel

c) Sometimes repel

d) Neither attract nor repel


5. Lines of magnetic force

a) Always cross each other

b) Sometimes cross each other

c) Never cross each other

d) Are painted blue and red


6. As magnetic poles move further apart,
      the force between them

a) Doubles

b) Quadruples

c) Gets weaker

d) Stays the same


7. The arrows that are shown in a picture of a magnetic field

a) Always point from east to west

b) Always point from west to east

c) Always point from north to south

d) Always point from south to north


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