The Moon - Satellites - Comets
Quiz -

1. A natural satellite of a planet is

a) Another planet

b) A Moon

c) The Sun

d) A space station


2. The moon has less gravity than

a) A house

b) A mountain

c) A continent

d) The Earth


3. A satellite above the equator that goes around the Earth at the
      same speed as the Earth turns, is in what type of orbit?

a) High

b) Polar

c) Geostationary

d) Planetorial


4. A satellite in a polar orbit can be used

a) For predicting the weather

b) For telecommunications

c) As a fertiliser

d) As a cloud


5. What does a comet orbit?

a) Another planet

b) The Sun

c) The Earth

d) The Moon


6. What shape does the orbit of a comet have?

a) Spherical

b) Circular

c) Elliptical

d) Linear


7. When does a comet move at its fastest?

a) When it is closest to the Sun

b) When it is closest to the Earth

c) When it is farthest from the Sun

d) It always moves at the same speed


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