Motion - Friction - Stopping Distance
Quiz -

1. How do tyres make a car go forward?

a) They pull it forward

b) They push down against the road

c) They push forward with the road

d) They push backward against the road


2. With an increase in mass, the braking distance of a car

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Stays the same

d) Goes up and down


3. With a doubling in velocity, the braking distance of a car

a) Doubles

b) Halves

c) Stays the same

d) Quadruples


4. The thinking distance is decreased by

a) Drinking alcohol

b) Tiredness

c) Using a mobile phone while driving

d) Warning signs


5. Friction is

a) A mass increasing motion

b) A form of heat

c) A force opposing motion

d) A shrieking sound


6. When an object falls through air, the air resistance is

a) A form of friction

b) A form of heat

c) A strong wind

d) Acceleration due to the force of gravity


7. Terminal velocity is

a) The speed of a train through a railway station

b) The speed of a falling object when the
         air resistance balances the weight

c) The speed of a falling object just before it hits the ground

d) The maximum speed of a moving car


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