Radioactivity - Quiz -
Detection - Half-Life - Carbon Dating.

1. How does radioactivity cause ions to be made?

a) It adds protons to atoms

b) It adds electrons to atoms

c) It adds neutrons to atoms

d) It knocks electrons from atoms


2. What instrument is used to detect radioactivity?

a) A carbon counter

b) A proton counter

c) A Geiger-Muller tube

d) A telescopic star tube


3. Background radiation comes from

a) A population

b) A species

c) The whole environment

d) Errors in measurement


4. Half-life is

a) Half the time a radioactive particle lives

b) Twice the time a radioactive particle lives

c) The time taken for half the radioactive nuclei to decay

d) Half the time taken for radioactivity to finish


5. Radiodating is

a) Using half-life to measure the age of things

b) Using a radio to record the radioactivity of things

c) Talking to your sweetheart on the radio

d) Getting data from a radio


6. Carbon dating uses the decay rate of

a) Carbon-14

b) Carbon-12

c) Carbon-10

d) Oxygen-14


7. Carbon dating can not be used for

a) Bone

b) Wood

c) Silk

d) Metal


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