Radioactivity - Quiz -
Rutherford - Fission - Nuclear Power.

1. In one early model of the atom, electrons were stuck in a
     positively charged environment. What was this model called?

a) Apple crumble

b) Plumb pudding

c) Cherry pie

d) Dielectric equilibrium model


2. What takes up most of the space of an atom?

a) Protons

b) Neutrons

c) Electron shells

d) Nucleons


3. Most of the mass in an atom

a) Is too heavy to weigh

b) Is too light to weigh

c) Is in the nucleus

d) Is in the electron shells


4. Fission is

a) The splitting of a nucleus in a nuclear reaction

b) The splitting of a rock in an electrical reaction

c) The splitting of a hair in a chemical reaction

d) When two hydrogen atoms join together to make helium


5. The energy in a nuclear power station comes from

a) Too much heat

b) Rapid expansion

c) Dense radiation

d) A loss of mass


6. The energy in a nuclear power station is used

a) To make bombs

b) To make sodium

c) To make electricity

d) To make heat


7. One advantage of nuclear power is that

a) It is the cleanest way of burning oil

b) It is the cleanest way of burning gas

c) It does not contribute to global warming

d) It is renewable


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