The Solar System and The Planets
Quiz -

1. What force controls how the planets move?

a) Gravity

b) Density

c) Friction

d) Air resistance


2. The orbit of a planet is almost circular.
      What is at the middle of the orbit?

a) Another planet

b) The Sun

c) The Moon

d) A black hole


3. Which planet is closest to the Sun?

a) Earth

b) Venus

c) Jupiter

d) Mercury


4. Where is the belt of asteroids?

a) Between Mercury and the Sun

b) Between Mars and Jupiter

c) Between Neptune and Pluto

d) Between Earth and Mars


5. What is Saturn mainly made from?

a) Rock

b) Metal

c) Water

d) Gas


6. What type of force keeps an object moving in a circle?

a) A strong force

b) A weak force

c) A centripetal force

d) A universal force


7. A meteorite is

a) A meteor which hits the Earth

b) An asteroid which hits the Sun

c) A type of rock

d) A subterranean nuclear force


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