Speed - Velocity - Acceleration
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1. What is the speed of an object which is stationary?

a) Infinite

b) Very fast

c) Slow

d) Zero


2. What unit is velocity measured in?

a) m/s

b) m/v

c) s/d

d) m x v


3. Velocity

a) Is speed in a circle

b) Is always the same as speed

c) Is the opposite of speed

d) Is speed in a certain direction


4. Constant velocity means

a) That the velocity of the object does not change

b) That the object is getting faster

c) That the object is getting slower

d) That the velocity of the object is constantly changing


5. Acceleration is

a) A faster time

b) A longer distance

c) A change in velocity

d) A louder noise


6. Which equation connects acceleration, velocity and time?

a) a = v x t

b) v = t x a

c) t = a ÷ v

d) a = (v-u) ÷ t


7. Which equation connects acceleration, force and mass?

a) a = f x m

b) f = m x a

c) m = a x f

d) a = (f + a) x m


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