Stars and Galaxies - Quiz -

1. The Sun is

a) A moon

b) A planet

c) A star

d) A comet


2. Stars are mainly made from

a) Hydrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Very hot rock


3. The fusion reaction inside stars is

a) A chemical reaction

b) A nuclear reaction

c) An electrical reaction

d) A magnetic reaction


4. The energy released by fusion comes from

a) Combustion of hydrocarbons

b) Photosynthesis

c) Radiant heat expansion

d) A loss of mass


5. What is a neutron star made from?

a) Very hot rock

b) Very hot oxygen

c) Electromagnetic resonance

d) Neutrons


6. The galaxy containing the Sun is called

a) The aero

b) The milky way

c) The snicker

d) The flake


7. A galaxy is made from

a) Less than one hundred stars

b) Less than one thousand stars

c) Less than one million stars

d) More than one billion stars


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