The Universe - Big Bang - Red-Shift
Quiz -

1. What is the Universe?

a) All the substance in the solar system

b) All the substance in our galaxy

c) Everything that exists

d) The Earth and the Moon together


2. What does the Big Bang theory say?

a) The universe is very noisy

b) The universe will end in a big explosion

c) The universe started in a big explosion

d) Loud noise is essential for life to exist


3. What does red-shift tell us?

a) Red things get hotter

b) Hot things get redder

c) The object is moving slowly towards us

d) The object is moving very quickly away from us


4. The red-shift of a galaxy is

a) The same for all galaxies

b) Bigger the further away it is

c) Smaller the further away it is

d) Brighter the further away it is


5. The red-shift of all the galaxies tells us that

a) The universe is expanding

b) The universe is contracting

c) The universe is evaporating

d) The universe is a huge black hole


6. How the universe might end depends on

a) The time it takes to warm up

b) The temperature of the stars

c) The colour of the stars

d) The amount of mass present


7. Scientists search for life on other planets by looking for

a) Meaningful radio signals

b) Distant TV programs

c) Intergalactic economic activity

d) Shifts in the time-space vortex


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