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Water - Solubility - Ions

Metal Ions - Precipitate with Sodium Hydroxide - continued.

The reactions below are shown using the metal chloride
but any soluble compound could be used.
The ionic equation is also given.

chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow aluminium hydroxide + sodium chloride
AlCl3(aq)          +          3NaOH(aq)      arrow         Al(OH)3(s)      +      3NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Al3+(aq)  +  3OH-(aq)  arrow  Al(OH)3(s)

Aluminium hydroxide is white.

chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow calcium hydroxide + sodium chloride.
Cl2(aq)         +         2NaOH(aq)     arrow        Ca(OH)2(s)     +     2NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Ca2+(aq)  +  2OH-(aq)  arrow  Ca(OH)2(s)

Calcium hydroxide is white.

chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow magnesium hydroxide + sodium chloride
Cl2(aq)          +          2NaOH(aq)      arrow         Mg(OH)2(s)      +      2NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Mg2+(aq)  +  2OH-(aq)  arrow  Mg(OH)2(s)

Magnesium hydroxide is white.

(II) chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow copper(II) hydroxide + sodium chloride
Cl2(aq)          +          2NaOH(aq)      arrow         Cu(OH)2(s)      +      2NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Cu2+(aq)  +  2OH-(aq)  arrow  Cu(OH)2(s)

Copper(II) hydroxide is blue.

(II) chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow iron(II) hydroxide + sodium chloride.
Cl2(aq)         +         2NaOH(aq)     arrow        Fe(OH)2(s)     +     2NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Fe2+(aq)  +  2OH-(aq)  arrow  Fe(OH)2(s)

Iron(II) hydroxide is green.

(III) chloride + sodium hydroxide arrow iron(III) hydroxide + sodium chloride
FeCl3(aq)         +          3NaOH(aq)     arrow        Fe(OH)3(s)      +      3NaCl(aq)

The ionic equation is    Fe3+(aq)  +  3OH-(aq)  arrow  Fe(OH)3(s)

Iron(III) hydroxide is brown.

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