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Water - Solubility - Ions

Extraction of Bromine from Sea Water.

Sea water contains bromide ions.
Chlorine is bubbled through sea water
to displace the less reactive bromine.

chlorine + sodium bromide  arrow   sodium chloride   +   bromine.
Cl2(g)    +     2NaBr(aq)      arrow          2NaCl(aq)      +        Br2(aq)

The ionic equation for the reaction is

Cl2(g)   +    2Br-(aq)        arrow         2Cl-(aq)    +    Br2(aq)

The more reactive chlorine has taken an electron from
the bromide ion, forming a chloride ion and bromine.

The sea water is warmed and the bromine is collected as
a gas from the surface of the water and condensed.

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