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How to Use
The Periodic Table.

The Periodic Table shows all the elements.
Metals are in brown (or pink for transition metals).
Non-metals are in blue.

The periodic table shows the chemical symbols for the elements.
If you don't know the chemical symbol for a particular element
then click on the link to all of the chemical symbols on the page.

Above the chemical symbol is the relative atomic mass
in green. Below the chemical symbol is the
atomic number (also called the proton number) in red.

Clicking on an element takes you to
the index page for that element.
If there is no index page for an element,
then you do not need to know about it.

The index page for the element gives links to
all the information about that element on the site.
Reactions involving the element
are listed under the title "reaction with".

Compounds of the element are listed
at the end of the index page in red.
These may also have a "reaction with" section.

You can also find the page for the element
in the main index. Elements are listed in yellow.

See also the Groups of the the periodic table.


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