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How Science Works


What is a Variable?

A variable is anything we measure which
can have different numerical values.
Numerical values are just numbers for things.

For example length is a variable which
can have different numbers of metres.
A length can be 1, 2, 4, 50, 800 or any number of metres,
depending on how long it is.

Weight is a variable which can have different numbers of Newtons.
A weight can be 1, 22, 46, 500, 8500 or any number of Newtons,
depending on how heavy it is.

Variables are described as independent, dependent,
continuousdiscreteordered  or  categoric.
A scientific investigation involves a number of experiments.
The experiments look at how the variables relate to each other.
Scientists look for links and relationships
between variables to explain the data.

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