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What is an Isomer?

Isomers are compounds which have
the same molecular formula
but a different structural formula.

What is a Structural Formula?
The structural formula (also called the displayed formula)
shows how the atoms are joined together in the molecule.

Isomers of hydrocarbons have the same number
of carbon and hydrogen atoms
but the carbon atoms are joined to each other in
different ways. Simply changing the shape of
the molecule does not make it a different isomer.

The isomers of butane are shown on the next page.
Different isomers are different molecular compounds.
They will have different physical properties
(for example different boiling points).

The more carbon atoms a compound has,
the greater the number of isomers there can be.
Propane (3 carbon atoms) has 0 isomers.
Butane (4 carbon atoms) has 2 isomers.
Pentane (5 carbon atoms) has 3 isomers.
Hexane (6 carbon atoms) has 5 isomers.
Heptane (7 carbon atoms) has 9 isomers.
Octane (8 carbon atoms) has 15 isomers.

There are also isomers of alkenes and alcohols.

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