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Alcohols - Reaction with Sodium.

Alcohols will react with sodium metal and produce hydrogen gas.
Compare this with the reaction between sodium and water.

  +    methanol   arrow  sodium methoxide  +  hydrogen.
2Na(s)   + 2CH3OH(l)   arrow       2CH3ONa(l)    +     H2(g)

  +  ethanol    arrow   sodium ethoxide  +  hydrogen.
2Na(s) + 2C2H5OH(l)   arrow       2C2H5ONa(l)    +     H2(g)

  +  propanol    arrow   sodium propoxide  +  hydrogen.
2Na(s) + 2C3H7OH(l)   arrow       2C3H7ONa(l)    +     H2(g)

  +  butanol    arrow   sodium butoxide  +  hydrogen.
2Na(s) + 2C4H9OH(l)   arrow       2C4H9ONa(l)    +     H2(g)

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