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The Uses of Ethanol.

What are the Uses of Ethanol?

Ethanol is present in alcoholic drinks
and is also used as a fuel and as a solvent - see below.

Using Ethanol
as a Fuel.

Ethanol can be used as a biofuel for cars.

The Complete Combustion of Ethanol.
Compare this reaction with the combustion of alkanes.

ethanol  +  oxygen   arrow  carbon dioxide + water + energy
C2H5OH(l)  +  3O2(g) arrow        2CO2(g)   +   3H2O(l)            

Ethanol is a common fuel in Brazil where plentiful sugar cane
provides a renewable resource for fermentation.
Up to 30% ethanol can be blended with petrol (called gasohol)
and used in ordinary car engines to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Using Ethanol
as a Solvent.

Industrial Methylated Spirits is used in industry as a solvent
and in domestic burners for heating and cooking.
Industrial Methylated Spirits
(IMS) is mainly ethanol.
Other chemicals (including methanol) have been added
making industrial methylated spirits poisonous to drink.

Ethanol is the solvent in "tincture of iodine"
and ethanol is a common solvent for perfumes.

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