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Products from Oil

Revision Questions

Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues
173 Give one Example of Pollution caused by Extraction or Transport of Oil. Answer
174 What Problem is caused by adding Carbon Dioxide to the Atmosphere? Answer
175 What is Global Warming? Answer
176 What Effects might Global Warming have? Answer
177 What Evidence is there that Global Warming is Really Happening? Answer
178 Why are some Gases called Greenhouse Gases? Answer
179 Give two Examples of Greenhouse Gases. Answer
180 Why is Natural Rain slightly Acidic? Answer
181 How does Sulfur in Fossil Fuels cause Acid Rain? Answer
182 Give two Harmful Effects of Acid Rain. Answer
183 How can Soils or Lakes be made less Acidic? Answer
184 How can High Temperature Combustion of Fossil Fuels add to Acid Rain? Answer
185 Give two Energy Resources which are an Alternative to Fossil Fuels. Answer

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