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Parallel Circuits

How do Switches control Lamps in Parallel Circuits?

In the parallel circuit below, the switch at S1 or S5
will switch all the lamps on and off together
if all the other switches are closed. Closed means on.

Switches and Lamps in a Parallel Circuit

With switches S1 and S5 both closed in the circuit
above, the switch at S2 will only light the lamp at L1.
This is very useful because it means that we can
switch the lamp at L1 on and off independently.
The brightness of the lamp at L1 does not change
as other lamps in parallel are switched on or off.

Lights in a house are always connected in parallel
so that they can be operated independently
(except fairy lights for Christmas or other occasions).

The switch at S3 will only operate the lamp at L2
and the switch at S4 will only operate the lamp at L3.

Compare this with lamps in a series circuit.

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