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Forces and Motion

The Forces on a Moving Car.

What are the Forces on a Moving Car?

The forces acting on a moving car are thrust and drag
as well as the same forces that act on a stationary car.

Forces on a Moving Car
Drag is the force of air resistance (a form of
pushing against the front of the car while it is moving.

Thrust is the force pushing the car forwards.
Thrust comes from the engine turning the wheels.

How do Wheels make a Car go Forwards?

Tyres on the wheels push backwards against the road
as they try to turn, causing an
equal and opposite force which pushes the car forwards.

Forces between a Moving Car and the Road

The tyres must have good grip (a high friction)
so that they do not slide on the road surface.

If the forces of thrust and drag are equal,
then the forces are balanced and
the car will move with a constant velocity.

If the forces of thrust and drag are not equal, then
the forces are unbalanced and the car will accelerate.
The car will get faster if thrust is bigger than drag,
and slower if the drag is bigger than the thrust.

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