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Radioactivity used for Sterilisation.

How is Radioactivity used for Sterilisation?

Exposure to high intensity gamma rays will kill living cells.

What is Sterilisation?

Sterilisation means killing the cells of pathogenic microorganisms.
Pathogenic means that the microorganisms cause harm
(for example, they may cause disease or infection). The technique
is used in the sterilisation of food and surgical instruments.

How are Surgical Instruments and Food

Gamma rays can be  used to sterilise both surgical instruments
and food at room temperature. Food such as vegetables and
fresh fruit can be made safe to eat without heating them. Heating
the food would cause damage and change the food's flavour.
The food will stay fresh for a longer time because microorganisms
(fungi and bacteria) are involved in the decay process.
Killing the microorganisms slows down the decay of the food.

Surgical instruments in hospitals such as
scalpels and clamps can be made safe after use in operations.

High intensity gamma rays are also
used to kill cancer cells in a technique called radiotherapy.

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