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Electrostatic Charge

Revision Questions

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Charge - Insulator - Electroscope
1 What is Electrostatic Charge? Answer
2 How can Insulators be Charged? Answer
3 Does an Insulator which Gains Electrons get a Negative Charge? Answer
4 Does an Insulator which Loses Electrons get a Negative Charge? Answer
5 Can Positive Charges in an Insulator move? Answer
6 Do Opposite Charges Attract? Answer
7 Do Opposite Charges Repel? Answer
8 How does the Force of Attraction depend on the Distance between the Charges? Answer
9 Why is a Gold Leaf Electroscope enclosed in a Glass Case? Answer
10 How does the Electroscope show that it is Charged? Answer
11 How can a Charged Object Attract a Neutral Object? Answer

The Dangers and Uses of Electrostatic Charge
Spray Gun
- Inkjet Printer - Photocopier - Chimney
12 How can you get a Shock by touching a Car Door? Answer
13 How can Electrostatic Charge be Dangerous when putting Fuel into an Aircraft? Answer
14 How can the Danger be Avoided? Answer
15 What is an Earthing Strap? Answer
16 How can Electrostatic Charge be Useful when Painting Cars? Answer
17 In an Inkjet Printer, what is a Nozzle? Answer
18 How are Ink Drops directed to the Correct Place for the Image? Answer
19 In a Photocopier, what causes parts of the Drum to Lose Electrostatic Charge? Answer
20 What is the Toner? Answer
21 How do the Drum and Toner make an Image on the Paper? Answer
22 How is the Image Fixed on the Paper? Answer
23 How can Electrostatic Charge Reduce Pollution from a Chimney? Answer
24 How can Electrostatic Charge improve Crop Spraying? Answer


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