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The Periodic Table

The Uses of Argon, Krypton and Xenon.

See also the uses of Helium and Neon.

What are the Uses of Argon?

1. Argon is the gas used to fill an old style electric light bulb
(a GLS filament lamp).
Argon replaces the air inside the
light bulb and prevents the very hot tungsten filament (wire)
from burning out (reacting with oxygen in the air).

2. Argon is the cheapest noble gas since about 1% of the air
is made from argon. It is used wherever a cheap inert
atmosphere is required, for example the extraction of titanium
or metal welding (inert atmosphere means unreactive gas).

3. Argon is the gas used to fill a Geiger-Müller tube.

4. Argon is used in lasers.

What are the Uses of Krypton and Xenon?

Krypton is used in very bright electric lamps,
such as photographic flash lamps, and stroboscopes.

Xenon is used in bright flash lamps and in lighthouses.

Krypton and xenon are also used in lasers.

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