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The Periodic Table

The Alkali Metals - Group 1Reaction with the Halogens.

How do the Alkali Metals React with the Halogens?

The alkali metals lithium, sodium and potassium will all react
vigorously with the halogens to form a crystalline halide salt.

The halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.

For example, the reactions of lithium with the halogens are

lithium  +  fluorine  arrow  lithium fluoride.
2Li(s)  +     F2(g)   arrow            2LiF(s)

lithium chlorine  arrow  lithium chloride.
2Li(s)  +     Cl2(g)   arrow            2LiCl(s)

lithium   + bromine  arrow  lithium bromide.
2Li(s)  +     Br2(l)   arrow           2LiBr(s)

lithium   + iodine     arrow     lithium iodide.
2Li(s)  +    I2(s)     arrow              2LiI(s)

All the alkali metal halide salts are white ionic compounds
which form a crystalline giant structure. They are called
metal halides because they are made from a metal and a halogen.

See also the reactions of potassium and sodium with chlorine.

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