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The Use of Optical Fibres to Make an Endoscope.

What is an Endoscope?

An endoscope is an instrument used by Doctors and Surgeons.
An endoscope has a bundle of very thin optical fibres
which are used with lenses to see inside a body. Only a
small hole in the skin is necessary to insert the endoscope.
This minimizes the trauma and possible damage to the patient.

How does an Endoscope Work?

Some of the optical fibres take light down to the end of the
endoscope which shines inside the body. Other optical fibres
in the bundle collect the reflected light using lenses.
The reflected light is sent along the fibres to a computer
which displays the information as a picture on a monitor.
It is sometimes possible to perform medical operations inside people
by using an endoscope, rather than making a large cut in the skin.

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