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Electromagnetic Waves - What are Radio Waves?

Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
waves are used for broadcasting radio and TV programmes.
The transmitted information may be in the form of an
analogue or a  digital signal and uses a radio wave as a carrier.

What are Ground Waves, Sky Waves and Space Waves?

Very long wavelength radio waves can travel all the way
around the Earth, diffracting around the Earth's surface.
These are sometimes called ground waves.

Medium wavelength radio waves are reflected from
an electrically charged region of the Earth's
called the ionosphere. These waves
are sometimes called sky waves and they can
also be sent from one part of the planet to another.

Shorter wavelength radio waves pass straight through
the atmosphere and cannot be used to send
information all the way around the Earth's surface.
These waves are sometimes called space waves
and can be used to send information
in a straight line across the Earth's surface.

What is Bluetooth?

Over a short distance, shorter wavelength radio waves can
be used for wireless communication between devices.
This is called Bluetooth. An example of Bluetooth is a computer
communicating with a wireless printer, mouse or keyboard.

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